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Ever wonder why we’re named Tamarack Resort? It’s because of the remarkable tamarack trees (Western Larch) that surround the resort and change from pine green to Autumn gold as fall arrives. You're invited to experience these vibrant colors from September through November, as the mountains prepare for winter. Below we have highlighted the best ways for you to experience the magnificent fall colors in Idaho, from the Tamarack Grove on the resort, to the aspen tress in the meadows, we have all the beauty Idaho has to offer!

Scenic Tours

We’ve put together a list of the best hiking routes for you to view the spectacular fall colors in Idaho! Download the free Trailforks app to track your location, elevation, and progress on your route.
View Our Suggested Hikes

Enjoy the colorful drive along Lake Cascade as you come into the resort, or explore further into the wilderness and experience true Idaho beauty.
View Our Suggested Drives

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Looking for a mellow way to spend the afternoon? Head out to the Meadows at Tamarack! Featuring serene walking paths, wildlife, an 18-hole disc golf course, and 14-miles of cross country mountain bike trails! These trails are free for all guests to enjoy.*bike rentals through October 1st

Disc-Golf.png Meadow-Biking.png

Fall Adventures

Zipline Tours!
We have extended our zipline season! Be the first to experience fall colors from a whole new perspective. Starting at 6,700’ above sea level and ziping down 3,500’ of cable to the valley floor, you’ll take in stunning views of the surrounding peaks, valleys, and Lake Cascade. Zipline tours in the fall are by reservation only.

Axe Throwing!
Give axe throwing a try! Our premier axe throwing arena offers four lanes with two targets per lane. Axe throwing guides will help you hone your skills while you enjoy nearby food and drinks in the great outdoors. Axe throwing by reservation only.

Zipline-Lifestyle.png Axe throwing

Stay & Play Package

Choose from any of our amazing lodging accommodations at Tamarack Resort during a Monday- Thursday and receive up to 15% discount on your reservation and your tee time at Jug Mountain’s beautiful 18 hole course! Send us an email and ask for the stay & play package!


Lodging At Tamarack

From the Lodge at Osprey Meadows, to the brand new Village Plaza, staying at Tamarack Resort is an experience you won't forget. Featuring luxury accommodations and boundless access to recreation, you'll feel at home at Tamarack.


Dinner at The Reserve

The Reserve is a great family friendly place to grab lunch between mountain activities, start your happy hour off right, or enjoy a well-prepared multi-course dinner. *Reservations are recommended for dinner

The Reserve Bar & Restaurant

Village Amenities

The Village Market
Features a wide selection of groceries, along with your favorite beers and wine. The market also has a variety of fresh-made sandwiches and salads to pack with you.

Crusty's Pizza
Pizza made by hand, eaten by hand, and made to bring people together. Crusty’s puts their unique spin on pizza by using handmade sourdough and bold ingredient combinations.

Clearwater Coffee Co
Your go-to place to start your day or grab that mid-afternoon pick-me-up. A warm, inviting atmosphere, featuring premium DOMA coffee, locally-made baked goods, sandwiches, and free-range wi-fi.

Village Market
Crustys-Pizza.png Clearwater-Coffee.png

Bird Watching

Lake Cascade is home to waterfowl, shorebirds, colonial waterbirds and raptors! Take a walk along the Pelican Trail or visit The Waterfront Cabana & Marina to view beautiful scenery and wildlife. Other notable birds who frequent the lake are Osprey, American White Pelicans, Common Loons, Peregrine Falcons, and Great Gray Owls!


Great Sheep Migration

An Idaho tradition dating back to the 1800's! Sheep are not indigenous to Idaho, but legend has it that the first sheep in Idaho were imported during the 1860's by John Hailey. To this day, sheep still graze the valleys and foothills throughout Idaho and migrate bi-annually. In the spring, livestock herders guide their sheep flocks north towards McCall, and every autumn the sheep return south, passing through Tamarack Resort. We never know exactly when the flock of sheep will pass through, but when they do it's a site you will never forget!

Sheep-Migration.png Sheep-Dog.png

Livestock Etiquette

What do you get if you cross an angry sheep and a moody cow? An animal that’s in a baaaaaaaad moooooood. All jokes aside, you may encounter both animals along West Mountain Road this fall. Here are a few tips on how to interact with these animals.
  • The sheep are typically protected by Great Pyrenees or other working sheep dogs. They are not pets, they take their job seriously!
  • Mountain bikers should dismount from their bikes.
  • Walk your bike through the sheep and then continue on your ride.
  • Keep your pets on a leash.
  • If the working dogs approach you, talk to them and let them know you are a human and not a threat.
  • Approach cattle very slowly and give them time to move off the trail.
  • If a cow runs down the trail in front of you, stop and wait, and let the animal move off the trail.
  • If you see anyone harassing cattle, wildlife or wild horses, please notify the BLM or the Forest Service.