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You will often hear Tamarack visitors and residents refer to the “TamFam”. While we are blessed by mother nature with our surroundings, it is the people who live and play at Tamarack that make it unique. Because of this there is no one better to share what makes Tamarack special than our residents. Here you can hear from some of our residents, owners, and team members to get a better feel for the Tamarack lifestyle and what the future holds for Tamarack Resort.

Tamarack Homeowners
I’m really excited about the Village. You can meet all your friends and take advantage of the restaurants and the nightlife…or grab groceries – you don’t have to go to town.
Tamarack Homeowners
There's a world of things to do up here- it's amazing- in one place. Or you can choose to escape, going back to your own place... enjoying the fresh wilderness... it's like a home away from home.
Tamarack Homeowners
I have a personal thing that I don't like to visit any place twice... This is the only place, in the entire universe, that I have visited over and over again. You can not explain the beauty if you weren't here.
Tamarack Visionaries and Homeowners
In Mexico we have amazing beaches, beautiful places. We have 8 grandchildren but where they want to go for all their vacations is Tamarack. They adore Tamarack. Everybody loves Tamarack.