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Bike Park Information and Hours

Bike Park Stats

Mid-mountain Elevation: 6,600'
Base Elevation: 4,900'
Vertical Drop: 1,700'
14 miles of trail
Beginner - 40%
Intermediate - 40%
Advanced - 16%
Expert - 4%

Operations Information

Opening Weekend: June 10 - 12, 2022
7 Days of Operation Starts: June 17
Hours of Operation: 10:00am - 4:00pm

Helmets and closed toe shoes required
Recommended full suspension bikes with disc brakes
Lift-serviced trails are downhill directional only
Uphill access restricted, must purchase a lift pass for access
E-Bike Policy: riders must load their bikes on Tamarack's lift trays. A lift tray will cycle through every 5 minutes on Tamarack Express
No dogs permitted on chairlifts
No children in backpacks
Please lower safety bar when not loading or unloading

Closures and Reroutes still in effect:

Lower Buttercup: Reroute – Home construction in progress. Reroute available onto Steelhead Court around the property.

Lower Pinnacle: Bridge Out - Ski bridge on southern end between Upper Creek Song and Culebra Loca is out. Use Eagle or Forest Trail (FSR 436) for connection North to South.

Biking Responsibility Code

  1. Always stay in control. You're responsible for avoiding objects and people.
  2. Know your limits. Ride within your ability. Start small and work your way up.
  3. Protect yourself. Use an appropriate bike, helmet, and protective equipment.
  4. Inspect and maintain your equipment. Know your components and their operation prior to riding.
  5. Be lift smart. Know how to load, ride and unload lifts safely. Ask if you need help.
  6. Inspect the trails and features. Conditions change constantly; plan and adjust your riding accordingly.
  7. Obey signs and warnings. Stay on marked trails only. Keep off closed trails and features. Ride in the direction indicated.
  8. Be visible. Do not stop where you obstruct a trail, feature, landing or are not visible.
  9. Look and yield to others. Look both ways and yield when entering or crossing a road or trail. When overtaking, use caution and yield to those ahead.
  10. Cooperate. If involved in or witness to an incident, identify yourself to staff.

For more information of liabilities of bicycles and mountain operators, please review Idaho Statute 6-3301.

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